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Viewing Video Moments

Weve provided 3 versions of each video clip for different connection speeds, image quality and browsers.

Streaming 56K - This is a 160x120 pixel WMV file suitable for viewing over a 56K dial-up connection with Windows Media Player already on your PC based computer. Windows Media Player 7 or higher is required.

Streaming Broadband - With the faster connection, the WMV file has an image size of 320x240 pixels and better quality. It can be viewed with Windows Media Player already on your PC based computer. Windows Media Player 7 or higher is required.

There may be a pause after the Windows Media Player appears before the Video Clip begins buffering and this following may appear

Installing the WMV Codec

This will install the Codec (Compression Decompression Algorithim) needed to play the clip. It should take less than 30 seconds.

MPG Download - This is also a 320x240 pixel image size that will download to your Temporary Internet Folder. The files are 2-4MB, but provide higher quality viewing to 56K connections if youre willing to wait for them to download. The MPEG file can be viewed with Windows Media Player, RealNetworks RealPlayer or Apple Quicktime Player, whichever is set up as the default player for the MPEG file type on your PC based computer. We suggest 56K users try the Streaming 56K version to preview the clips, then try the MPEG version for those clips you want to see bigger and at better quality.

Netscape Navigator There are known technical problems viewing Windows Media Player content with Netscape Navigator. Netscape users should use the MPEG format.

For additional information on the Windows Media Player, please click below!

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