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Viewing iPIX Images

iPIX Java Viewer - This viewer is loaded automatically with the web page when you click on the Thumbnail Picture or SMALL. (Java must be enabled on your browser). If youre only going to view 3 or 4 images and dont want to install the Plug-In, this choice is fine.

iPIX Plug-In Viewer - This viewer will give you the fastest loading and smoothest navigation in the LARGE Images. To download and install this Free viewer just go to the web site. Clicking on LARGE will automatically take you to the plug-in installation page at if you dont already have the plug-in. It will only take about 3 minutes on a 56K connection.

If you are going to view 5 or more of the iPIX Images, the Plug-In will make your Tour much more enjoyable and youll be ready to come back when we add more places to visit.

Older Computers - If you have an older computer with a 300mhz or slower processor, using the Java Viewer will be very slow due to the high memory demands of the Java Viewer. I can take as much as 4 minutes for an Image to download and fully open. Installing the iPIX Plug-In is highly recommended. With the Plug-In, our test on a Pentium (1) 133mhz with 32MB RAM got acceptable download time and smooth navigating of the LARGE images.

Download the Plug-in Viewer here

For additional information on these viewers or iPIX, please click below!

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